Exceptional Features Of AryaBoard Electric`s Queue System

1- Informing the customer about his turn via SMS, after the client has asked for his turn, his turn number will be sent to him by an  SMS in which the number and timing of his turn is mentioned. This is a great help for saving the customers` time and therefore his satisfaction. It should be noted that this company is the only one among the manufacturers that for the special order of Bank Keshavarzi has installed and implemented the SMS service at the branches of this bank and now this service is used in these branches online.

2- The flat keys are resistant to dust and moisture and have a longer using period than the elevator keys and other  types of keys and have a less damage and maintenance rate.

 3-  The gas handle installed inside the printer input , prevents the main input of the device from falling while changing the paper rolls and secures the printer from any damage and facilitates the paper roll changing process.

4-  The Queue systems provided by this company are equipped with smart card input devices for special clients, in this  way ,the target  clients can use fast and out of the line services. Smart cards are used in this system which are resistant against sunlight, magnetic fields and moisture.

5- The system`s monitor has the highest resolution( nine Led in each cm2 ) and has the combined colors of red and green.

6-  Data transaction in our company`s Queue systems is conducted by Star and the System has a central Hub with thirty  two ports.

7-  Arya Board Electric`s Queue System is equipped with an SQL data bank and unlike the products of other companies, this Data bank has a vast capacity and is capable of   presenting charts ,evaluations , data and number comparisons and can create Solid charts.

8-  The keyboard includes six keys ( few but extremely flexible) and also has the F(x) key which any operation can be defined for it based on the software changes.

9-  In our latest model ( the new class) a finger print module can be placed, this module can be used to check the presence of clerks at the bank.

 10-  The development of the software for our Queue system is in C++ language and its format is HTML Web , therefore all of the reports` settings, events and indexes at the data base can be controlled from a distance via communication networks ( for example the usual phone lines) and they can be viewed or edited. Even the main sentence on the device`s monitor and the main sentence on a ticket in a city much far from Tehran can be changed with this option.

 11-  For maximizing the levels of security in controlling the customers, the systems of this company can be equipped with an internal camera , thus with every ticket that comes out of the system a picture is taken from the receiving customer and will be stored at the Database and with this option and by searching the database  for the ticket number, the picture of the receiving customer  can be viewed as well.

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